Đội Quán Quân nhận 300 USD
Từ ngày 2/5 đến 2/6



Event time and Activity

9/6 ~ 9/20

100 Free Omlet Tokens for Sharing FB event

Free Hearthstone HUD for Omlet user during the event

Earn 2 packs for 30 min streaming

40 packs luck draw for 1 hr streaming
爐石卡牌包 40包x 10名 (獎勵圖片).png

Event reward

Omlet Tokens and Hearthstone HUD

2 "Saviors of Uldum" Packets would be given to everyone who has streamed more than 30 minutes during the event

10 lucky users will receive 40 hearthstone packs after the event

Everytime you streamed 1 hours, you earn 1 chanced to be picked as lucky users.

The more time you streamed, the more chance you earned.

There's only 1 chance for each person to win 40 hearthstone packs, (you wont get 80 packs in this event)

  1. The organizer of this event is Omlet Taiwan Branch. Participants of this event are deemed to have read and agreed to accept all the specifications of this activity. The activity method and the winning list are subject to the announcement of the event website.

  2. This event is only for Mobile User, PC streamer is not qualified for this event

  3. You MUST use Omlet Arcade to Stream Hearthstone to Facebook, we will track your streaming time, streaming game and platform to make sure who is qualified for the event

  4. We will Send you the rewards by notification in Omlet APP, it will redirect to a web page include bonus code.

  5. Login your account and fill the bonus code, then you can receive the Hearthstone packs in the game.

  6. Link to Blizzard

  7. The Event is only for the following region to participate:Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Thai, Indonesia

  8. The streaming should be set as public, otherwise we can't collect your information

  9. Participants agree that the information and records of any participating activities that are retained or generated by all participants are based on the computer system and time records of the organizer. If there is any delay, loss, error or inability to identify the information sent by the participants due to computer, internet, telephone, technology or the inability to be responsible for the organizer, the organizer is not responsible for any legal responsibility. They may not object to this.

  10. The organizer of this event reserves the right to interpret, modify, suspend, cancel or terminate this activity. For details, please refer to the announcement of the official website of the event.

  11. Omlet x Hearthstone HUD will be available during the event. Everyone can get it for free.

  12. Omlet Tokens will send to your account after the FB event Sharing. you need to leave your Omlet ID on the post.