Event reward

2 "Rise of Shadows" Packets WILL be given to everyone who streamS FOR 30 minutes during thIS event

pack_en 03@2x.png

10 lucky users will be eligible to win 40 "Rise of Shadows” packs

Every time you stream for 1 hour, you earn 1 chance to be picked as lucky streamer! The more you stream, the more chances will you earn to win. The Lucky Winner prize of 40 packs is limited to 1 per participant.

Omlet Tokens and Hearthstone HUD, Frame, & Decoration

You can buy Tokens through in-app purchases or receive them as Buffs from viewers during your stream. Omlet Tokens are only used for in-app activities, such as purchasing HUDs, Frames, Decorations, name changes, or giving Buffs to other streamers.

treasure chest@2x.png
35_HUD_hearthstone_Uldum 奧丹姆.jpg
36_HUD_hearthstone_Savior 守護者.jpg