We will be reaching out to all the participants via email. Please make sure all participants and captains are part of the official Season 2 Discord. Over the next week, we will be assigning your squad to the qualifying Leagues based on the times you have selected in your registration.

We will post the final rosters for the Leagues within the Official OA Season 2 Discord.

Squads may be SUBJECT TO DISQUALIFICATION if their Captain IS not in the DISCORD server by February 3rd, 2019.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask within the #help channel of the discord server.

All players must read and understand the Omlet Arcade Code of Conduct.
All participants MUST have a valid Omlet Arcade ID. We will be verifying accounts and teams with invalid ID’s will not be permitted to participate.
Only players from North America are allowed to participate. Select teams from other regions will be invited to apply at Omlet Arcade’s discretion.